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48-Hour Lawsuits Terms & Conditions

Timeliness in Filing Lawsuits
Pursuant to professional rules, certain laws and generally accepted legal practices, it is not always prudent to rush into litigation. However, in those particular circumstances where is it deemed necessary to file a civil action sooner, rather than later, our firm is equipped, experienced and ready to do so. In order to avoid unnecessary litigation and, of course, the risk of frivolous filings, our attorneys never file a case solely on the basis of timing or the unsubstantiated representations of  prospective client.

Our attorneys are trained to spot material issues, prioritize facts and apply relative law in order to best prepare for litigation. Most simple cases, with straightforward causes of action, may be prepared in a matter of hours, whereas more complex litigation may require days, if not weeks to prepare. Upon extensive communication with prospective clients and researching the applicable laws, clients retain our firm in a signed writing which authorizes our attorneys to prepare the required forms, documents, and exhibits.

Thereafter, and upon a thorough review of all matters, we file cases in the appropriate venue and serve all parties as required by law. Timing of filing(s) vary and are dependant a wide range of factors including, without limitation, client cooperation, payment of expenses, available facts, complexity of disputes, location and availability of venue, dates, attorney/staff availability and other relevant factors. The term "48-Hour Lawsuits" is a general marketing slogan which represents our firm's willingness to apply best efforts in order to expedite a Client's probable cause of action and shall not be construed as a guaranteed timeframe for filing, preparing or prosecuting a case.

Client Requirements
Prospective Clients are hereby put on notice of the following requirements for a timely filing and execution of a legal matter with our firm:

  • Clients are required to produce, in a timely manner, all relevant facts, documents and materials to their attorney.
  • Clients are required to be genuine, honest and forthcoming regarding their case and the materials they submit to our firm.
  • Clients understand that our firm's timeliness in prosecuting their case is dependant on their cooperation with our attorneys.
  • Clients understand that any related court costs or other related fees or expenses shall be prepaid. See online payments.
  • Clients are required to update and inform our firm immediately of any changes, settlements or other matters regarding their case.
  • Upon retaining our firm, Clients agree not to communicate with opposing parties or counsel without prior authorization.

Jurisdiction and Practice
Dalen P. Hanna, Esq. is an Attorney at Law licensed to practice in the District of Columbia and the United States District Court (Eastern District of Michigan) with a pending applications in Michigan. In matters materially related to, or arising out of, jurisdictions not listed or licensed, Hanna, LLP consults, partners and refers matters to/with attorneys licensed in the applicable jurisdictions who specialize in the related area(s) of law. Depending on the facts and circumstances, Hanna, LLP may occasionally choose to apply for admission on motion (Pro Hac Vice) in jurisdictions where not then-admiitted in accordance with applicable court/bar rules.

Doing Business As
Throughout this website, our law firm may be referred to as either "Hanna, LLP," "Hanna Law," and/or "Hanna Law, PLLC." Please be advised that all of these entity-names refer to the same law firm, that is Hanna, LLP. The variation between these names is immaterial in that they all refer to a single law firm. The "Hanna" Law firm is either an incorporated entity where our firm does business or an assumed name therefor.