Creditors' Rights and Debt Collection Law Firm

Responsibly, Legally and Ethically representing creditors from various industries in the collection of delinquent Commercial and Consumer Debts.

We are NOT a Debt-Collection Agency.

We are a Law Firm.
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Hanna Law is a multistate law firm specializing in the collection of commercial and consumer debt. We are equipped to handle all matters related to the identification of debtors (skip-tracing), account verification, civil litigation and post-judgement collection matters. Our firm is involved in all stages from the delinquency stage all the way through litigation (when necessary, including all post-judgment collection efforts.

We help our clients recover past-due, charged-off and seriously delinquent debt. Our approach is to apply principled fundamentals and creative solutions when working with debtors. Our firm operates in full compliance with the FDCPA, TCPA, FCRA and the GLB,  and is equipped to handle highly-sensitive debtor information such as medical records in compliance with the HIPAA privacy laws. Our offices have been subject to multiple security audits and physical inspections conducted by credit information management services including Experian and Transunion.

"For all Debts, Public and Private"